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Model C 18kWh Battery Pack


Sustainable, powerful and smart, Watt4Ever Model C is designed to optimize the way businesses use energy. Through peak shaving, own-consuming of renewable energy, or simply backing up sensitive systems, Model C battery systems offers energy autonomy in a sustainable way.

  • – Peak-shaving,
  • – Savings on the energy bill through energy arbitrage
  • – Reinforce local grid capacity to allow more EV chargers and PV production
  • – Storing of solar energy for own consumption

The Model C battery module is compatible with Victron Multiplus II and Victron Quattro inverters, also available on demand. For integration with other inverter technologies please contact us.

For  DC/AC power conversion systems, modularity and plug and play system configuration please get in touch by filling out the order.


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Battery data

Cell chemistry & configuration CATL 26S NMC
Modularity Expandable up to 16 units or 288kWh
Operating temperatures -5°C/+40°C
Battery losses 1-2%

Performance data

Nominal capacity 18kWh
Recommended cycling depth (DoD) 80%
DC voltage 48V
Max C-rate 1 C
Round trip system efficiency Approx. 90%

Additional Information


Battery Management System Watt4Ever
BMS communication protocol CANBus
Inverter communication protocol Modbus-TCP
Internet Connectivity Wi-Fi or local network
Placement Technical room or outdoors
Dimensions 1440Lx580Hx178W
Color RAL-9010 (Pure White)
IP Rating IP66
Weight 110kg

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