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Model A Home Storage System 10kWh


Sustainable, powerful and smart, Watt4Ever Model A is designed to optimize the way businesses use energy. Through peak shaving, own-consuming of renewable energy, or simply backing up sensitive systems, Model A battery systems offers energy autonomy in a sustainable way.


  • – Peak-shaving,
  • – Savings on the energy bill through energy arbitrage
  • – Reinforce local grid capacity to allow more EV chargers and PV production
  • – Storing of solar energy for own consumption


The Model A battery module is compatible with Victron Multiplus II and Victron Quattro inverters, also available on demand. For integration with other inverter technologies please contact us.


For  DC/AC power conversion systems, modularity and plug and play system configuration please get in touch by filling out the order.


*The price displayed is exclusive of VAT


Battery packs

Battery chemistry LiFePO4
Battery pack capacity 4.8 kWh
Depth of discharge 95%
Absorption voltage 28V
Float voltage 27.2V
Discharge voltage 24V
Maximum discharge current 125 Amps
Maximum charge current 75 Amps
Max/Min operating temp. -5°C/+40°C


DC voltage 24V
Power output 3000 VA
Inverter output voltage 230V
DC current 120 Amps
AC transfer capacity 50 Amps

Additional Information

Manufacturer Watt4Ever
Battery Management System Watt4Ever
Inverter manufacturer Victron Energy
System IP rating IP21-B


The product is an energy storage unit, composed of:


  • – 2 x 24V 200Ah LiFePO4 lithium batteries;
  • – 1 Victron Multiplus II 24/3000 or 5000 inverter
  • – 1 Victron Cerbo GX controller
  • – 1 Enfluri CT 100 current sensor;
  • – Battery Management System (BMS)
  • – DC cables for connection between inverter & batteries
  • – All necessary housings, cables & connectors


The system is offered in 2 versions:


  • – enclosed version, in which all elements are provided in a water-tight cabinet
  • – free-standing, non-enclosed version, in which the battery packs and inverter can be installed
    independently (2m distance maximum to be respected between them).

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