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Battery Trailer 40kWh


Watt4Ever Battery Trailer is a trailer that allows you to place inexpensive power supplies almost anywhere. The trailer can be towed by a car or van, making it easy to move anywhere. Trailers can be used for many off-grid or grid-supported applications. From lighting systems to events, food trucks and sound installations. Applications are almost limitless. The BattTrailer 15 kVA uses Watt4EEVER Second Life batteries to produce 40 kWh of capacity. Combined with a Victron inverter, it provides a constant output of 12 kVA and, in addition to a standalone battery, offers the possibility to connect a generator to create a hybrid generator power supply.

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Performance data


Nominal capacity 40kWh
Recommended Cycling Depth (DoD) 80%
Voltage 400 V AC
Max output power 12 kW
Max input power 11 kW
Round trip efficiency Approx. 90%

Additional Information


Plugs in CEE 16A, CEE 32A, 230V Domestic Plug
Plugs out CEE 16A, 230V Domestic Plug, CEE 32A
Internet Connectivity Wi-Fi or local network
Dimensions 3189LxH480x1680W
Location Beringen
IP Rating IP66
Weight 698kg

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