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Battery Diagnostic / Energy Need Audit

In the automotive sector, there is a need for battery diagnostic. It can take place at the dealer or at the car recycling unit. An energy audit can help you better understand your energy storage needs and determine optimal battery size for your operations.

Battery Repair and Remanufacturing

Restore to operational conditions and teardown, rebuild and test to current OEM specifications.

Dismantling Reusable or End-of-Life Batteries

Most batteries need to be dismantled because some parts need to be removed. Some modules of batteries can serve in other applications, and others need to be removed for recycling.

Deliver Turn-Key Battery Solutions

For UPS, peak shaving, personal energy consumption using renewables, extra power for EV energy stations, ...

Monitoring & Optimization of the Battery System

Track and monitor remotely your consumptions, smoothen peak demands using batteries, and improve your return on investment.


Once installed, we help you to keep your battery system up and running. We replace any poor-performing parts to keep your battery system running at optimal conditions.

Ensure Responsible Battery Recycling

In order to close the loop, we take full responsibility of the batteries we put on the market and will recycle your battery using the most sustainable methods and conditions to avoid the loss of any material.