A spectacular project with BMW for battery technology education

Published on the 9th February 2024
In collaboration with BMW, Watt4Ever has spent the last few weeks crafting a spectacular demonstration vehicle – a specially converted X1 for BMW’s training center.

You can admire the converted BMW X1 in the video below. The demonstration vehicle will serve as a practical tool for educational programmes at the BMW training center.

With the steady increase in hybrid and electric vehicles, the demand for well-trained technicians is rising. Watt4Ever recognises this need and is pleased to contribute to the development of skilled professionals through this educational initiative.

Indeed, working with high-voltage batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles presents many challenges, so it is very important that technicians are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to work on these vehicles and batteries safely and confidently.

Watt4Ever has carefully adapted the battery of the BMW X1 so that it can be used for educational and training purposes without the associated risks. The Watt4Ever team followed strict safety procedures for this, using their expertise and the latest technology to create a demonstration environment where learning about battery technology is not only educational, but also completely safe.

Successfully executing such high-voltage battery projects requires appropriate infrastructure and a team of well-trained professionals. Watt4Ever is proud to possess both and to realise such a great project for BMW.