Watt4Ever wins the Belgian golden environmental BBAE award 2022 from the VBO FEB

Published on the 31st March 2022

Watt4Ever wins the golden environmental BBAE award 2022 from the VBO-FEB, Belgian business award for Environment, and this in the presence of Minister Khattabi, Minister of Climat, Environnement, Sustainable development and the Green Deal.

Watt4Ever specialises in dismantling electric car batteries and then giving them a second life in high-quality circular energy storage systems.

Golden wings

Watt4Ever is incredibly proud to have won the VBO’s golden environmental prize BBAE award 2022. This recognition gives Watt4Ever golden wings and enables them to put Belgium on the European map with these sustainable solutions. Watt4Ever is the Belgian pioneer for circular batteries. It also helps companies and individuals to reduce their energy bills.

We invited our team and ambassadors at an online live event on a big screen to discover together who had won the Golden Award…!!! Discover also the movie on kanalZ made for this award.