Damien Deroanne visited Watt4Ever in his Mobility Studio

Published on the 8th May 2024

Damien Deroanne visited Watt4Ever in his Mobility Studio

Always nice when the media pays attention to our sustainable mission. Damien Deroanne drives through Watt4Ever in his Mobility Studio. The result: a nice report that was broadcast on the Belgian French-speaking television channels.

Mobility expert Damien Deroanne visited Watt4Ever as he wondered what happens to discarded batteries of electric cars. A question we quite often hear with some distrust.

Catherine Lenaerts, founder and vice-CEO of Watt4Ever, assured him that these batteries do not end up in nature or in public landfills, because discarded batteries from electric cars have a lot of value. Moreover, Watt4Ever can give them a second life before they are recycled by specialised firms to recover the raw materials to produce new batteries.

In Damien’s compact Mobility Studio, they drive together through Watt4Ever, our centre for reconditioning old electric vehicle batteries. Catherine explains how, in several steps, the still-good modules in the batteries are dismantled and used as storage systems for renewable energy (solar, wind). Many Watt4Ever circular batteries already provide energy in supermarkets, on building sites (instead of old diesel generators) and in houses.

A nice report about our company, which was broadcast on the 11 Belgian French-speaking television channels. Thank you, Damien Deroanne!


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