Watt4Ever participates in HORIZON EU Free4Lib and Rhinocheros

Published on the 15th March 2023

Watt4Ever is thrilled to be participating in not one, but two exciting European Horizon projects. These projects are part of the European Commission’s Horizon program, which funds innovative initiatives aimed at solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

FREE4LIB aims to develop at TRL 5-6 technologies to achieve 6 new sustainable and efficient processes to recycle end-of-life (EOL) LIBs (dismantling, pre-treatment and 4 materials recovery processes) delivering very innovative recycling solutions to reach highly efficient materials recovery (metal oxides, metals and polymers) improving the supply of secondary resources at EU level.

RHINOCEROS project will seek economical and environmentally friendly routes for reusing, repurposing, reconditioning and recycling end-of-life batteries. Researchers plan to develop a smart system enabling the automated classification of battery materials and the reassembly of working modules in new repurposed batteries. Furthermore, they will investigate ways to cheaply produce high-performance materials for the anode and cathode from the recycled materials. Project achievements will help prevent Europe’s technological dependence on other parts of the world.