Watt4Ever joins forces with Febelauto to extend life of high-voltage batteries from buses and trucks.

Published on the 15th December 2023

Watt4Ever is joining forces with Febelauto to give new life to end-of-life high-voltage batteries from buses and trucks. The collaboration was highlighted at the ‘Circular Electric Truck & Bus’ event organised by Febelauto on 11 December at Watt4Ever in Beringen.


The event aimed to raise awareness among importers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) about safe and environmentally friendly recycling of batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles, in response to the new European battery regulation that will come into force from 18 February 2024.

Febelauto, the Belgian management organisation for the recycling of end-of-life vehicles and HEV batteries, is further expanding its efforts with the trucks and buses, looking at the unique challenges involved in recycling such large high-voltage batteries. These mainly lithium-ion batteries, have a complex chemical composition and operate at high electrical voltages, requiring strict safety procedures during collection, treatment, and disposal.

The new European “Battery Regulation plays a crucial role in the energy transition by addressing the full life cycle of batteries for electric vehicles. The regulation emphasises increasing recycling rates, introduces restrictions on the use of hazardous materials and requires batteries to consist of a certain percentage of recycled material.

Febelauto’s commitment, however, extends beyond recycling. It also supports applications where end-of-life HEV batteries can be given a second life. Together with Watt4Ever, the organisation highlighted at the ‘Circular Electric Truck & Bus’ event the ecological and economic benefits of batteries that, after seven years in buses and trucks, can easily serve another 10 years in sustainable energy storage systems.

Demonstration - how to give a HEV-battery a second life?

The success of the ‘Circular Electric Truck & Bus’ event was underlined by the presence of Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters and acting mayor of Beringen Jean Vanhees. Aimilios Orfanos of Watt4Ever provided a fascinating tour and demonstration on how batteries from electric vehicles can get a second life as a sustainable energy storage system.

During the event, importers and OEMs of bus and truck brands enthusiastically signed Febelauto’s manifesto for safe and environmentally friendly recycling of their electric and hybrid vehicles.

Watt4Ever looks forward to doing its bit for the circular economy by giving these batteries a new life and offering environmentally conscious companies green, sustainable and innovative solutions for energy optimisation and storage. This fits perfectly with the focus of the new European regulation to reduce dependence on energy and critical raw materials.

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