Watt4Ever: a new circular economy solution for used Electric Vehicle batteries

Published on the 13th July 2020


Established on June the 22nd 2020, Watt 4Ever is a 100% Belgian company proposing a sustainable solution for batteries coming from hybrid and full-electric vehicles. On this day, the company was inaugurated by Mme Lydia Peeters, Flemish Minister of Mobility.

Watt4Ever builds new, green, and high added-value industrial storage systems using batteries coming from used electric vehicle batteries.

Our goal? To establish Watt4Ever as the preferred Belgian and European partner for the management of used electric vehicle batteries.

After a shy start-off, the electric and hybrid vehicle revolution has become unstoppable. As a result, more and more industrial traction batteries can be found currently on European roads. With Watt 4Ever, our aim is to ensure that this revolution be made sustainable by extending these batteries’ lifetime.

Accelerate the circular economy

Watt 4Ever is an initiative by 5 companies, who together integrate the entire value chain.

This partnership has the ambition to set an example for new collaborations that will help accelerate the transition to a circular economy. This mission materializes through our effort to maximize the retrieval of battery components and raw materials and reintegrating them in the market as new storage applications. Thanks to this collaboration we are also contributing in reducing the ecological footprint of electric mobility.

Watt4Ever’s solution is primarily addressed at businesses and organizations that need energy storage for their office buildings, logistics warehouses, supermarkets or other large buildings.

An illustrious example of circularity at Delhaize Belgium

“In the face of modern-day environmental challenges, Delhaize has decided to prioritize sustainable innovation” says M. Tom Vandenberghe, Energy Manager at Delhaize Belgium. “Sustainability has always been a core value for Delhaize. But today Delhaize ups its game by introducing a novelty for the sector: the reuse of batteries coming from electric vehicles as a backup power source to be used in the event of grid failures. For this, Delhaize collaborates with Watt 4Ever who transforms its batteries into green energy storage solutions for our stores”.

Smart recycling is the future

Recycling of EV batteries demands a specific approach. It all starts with a careful sorting and selection of batteries, picking out batteries that can be reused and giving them a new life.

Only professionals armed with special equipment, training and know-how may handle such batteries in safety and with respect to the environment. “High voltage present in these batteries entails high risks during maintenance and reparation work. This is why Watt 4Ever respects the most stringent requirements in matters of safety” explains Catherine Lenaerts.

After dismantling and testing, the batteries and their modules receive a second life. Batteries that do not meet requirements for reuse are directed towards recycling in order to retrieve raw materials, thus avoiding the loss of non-renewable and valuable rare mineral elements.

“Approximatively 20% of used battery packs are directed to a destination other than recycling. Our ambition is to increase this ratio, by giving these batteries a new life in energy storage systems. Whenever this is not possible, we will send them to recycling in order to retrieve valuable raw materials”. – Catherine Lenaerts, CEO Watt4Ever.





Our partners :


Febelauto asbl was created in 1999 by a number of trade federations active in the automotive sector. In charge of managing end-of-life vehicles in Belgium, Febelauto coordinates and stimulates their collection, treatment and recycling through practices respectful to the environment in treatment plants and closely-monitored car shredders.

Since 2015, Febelauto has been working in the setting up of sustainable solutions for the management of hybrid and full-electric vehicle batteries. One of Febelauto’s objectives is to extend these vehicle’s lifetime by reusing them in second-life applications, and by ensuring an efficient recycling and retrieval of rare and valuable raw materials present in the batteries.

Out Of Use

Out of Use is specialized in refined collection, reuse and recycling of electric and electronic equipment (EEE). More specifically, Out of Use recycles ICT material, such as computers, laptops and servers.

Ordered by Febelauto, Out of Use colects stable and unstable batteries from a network of workshops of 44 automotive brands having subscribed with Febelauto. Collected batteries are temporarily stored in special containers, filled with fire-resistant materials. Afterward, the batteries are sorted in view of maximizing retrieval and reuse. Almost 89,96% of the incoming electric waste can be recycled into primary or secondary raw materials.

Experience in battery logistics as well as in reuse of electric and electronic equipment make Out of Use an ideal partner for Watt 4Ever.


 The startup ReVolta specializes in sustainable energy storage solutions for tertiary sector buildings, but also in optimization and energy management services for storage assets.

ReVolta’s offer is based on the reuse of electric vehicle batteries. Thus, ReVolta’s proposed storage solutions are sustainable environmentally but also financially.

The company is a startup firmly founded on two essential values: the will to make a strong societal impact, and to will to enable energy users to use energy smarter.

Eco Lithium

Eco Lithium builds energy storage systems based on circular economy principles for boats, camping cars and mobile applications. Batteries are made from Li-Ion cells coming from electric vehicle batteries that are no longer fit for automotive applications.

The batteries that would otherwise have been destroyed, can still today see their lifetime extended for more than another 10 or even 20 years, significantly reducing their ecological footprint.

Shence Management

Shence Management is a company expert in management consulting, specialized in circular economy. Shence Management’s experience in upscaling of production processes makes Shence an essentail partner for Watt 4Ever.



More information

Catherine Lenaerts, CEO and Co-founder, B.V. Watt4ever S.R.L.,

Woluwedal 46 Blvd de la Woluwe, B-1200 Brussels

+32495771206 c.lenaerts@watt4ever.be