The complete loop of batteries on television

Published on the 5th June 2020

Watt4ever in the media (RTBF)

Since the start of Watt4ever we could count on a lot of media interest. After all, we have a unique circular concept here in Belgium that turns ex-automotive batteries into new energy storage systems. Would you like to know how it all works? Do you also have questions about the batteries of electric cars and whether they can be recycled? This and many others are discussed in the report of Rtbf in the programme ‘on n’est pas des pigéons’.

Lifecycle of batteries

Rtbf filmed what happens to discarded electric cars. In a safe way the car is de-energized and then the battery can be removed, always with the necessary precautions.

In the next step the battery goes to our new production facility in Beringen. Since February 2020, Watt4ever has started here with the diagnosis, repair and dismantling of the discarded batteries and the production of new batteries. Thus, after diagnosis and testing, the modules can be reassembled in circular energy storage systems that enable our customers to save a lot of money on their energy bill, or to serve as a back-up or as extra power for the charging infrastructure of their electric vehicle fleet. Those modules and batteries that are not suitable for a second life go to recycling facilities such as Umicore.

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