Testimony – Indrani Lodge

Published on the 7th June 2022

Commissioned by Optiwatt, Watt4Ever installed a battery at the Indrani Lodge, an ecolodge whose vision is based on three pillars: ecology, sustainability and self-sufficiency. To this end, Indrani Lodge is doing service on W4E’s Belgian product, a 45 kWh circular battery, to handle peak times and increase self-consumption from the solar panels. The ultimate goal is to supply Genappe, a village of Walloon Brabant, with green energy while minimizing their impact on the climate and keeping their carbon footprint neutral.

Does your company also have objectives to become greener and more sustainable? Do not hesitate to contact W4E for a Belgian tailor-made service.

Are you curious about François Dekeuleneer’s testimonial? Then be sure to watch the video below: