Testimony Delhaize

Published on the 29th June 2022

In order to improve their ecological impact Delhaize installed a circular battery of Watt4Ever at the De Fré supermarket in Uccle. We had the honor to show this to Mrs Aurélie Czekalski and Mrs Anne-Charlotte D’Ursel, 2 deputies of the Brussels parliament.  ‘Our circular batteries are made in Belgium from discarded batteries of electric vehicles’, explains our CEO Aimilios Orfanos.
The CO2 impact of our batteries is 80% less than new batteries.

Delhaize supports our company: ‘Our supermarkets are currently equipped with diesel fuel generators to keep the power running in case of a power failure, but we have decided to change this system and collaborate with Watt4Ever.
Why are car batteries a better option, you’ll ask? Because it offers a significant sustainability advantage. Since there is no combustion process, that makes it way more greener. ‘