Scoop: Sustainable energy storage system on its way to French multinational

Published on the 29th August 2022

Watt4Ever manufactured Battery Energy Storage System will be used for both grid services and as an emergency generator to replace polluting diesel generators. BESS is built entirely by reusing battery modules from electric vehicles with total capacity of 270kWh and power of 240kVa

Watt4ever, the future of sustainable storage systems
Watt4Ever has been developing innovative applications to reuse batteries for 2 years now. It is certain that the number of batteries in electric vehicles will increase enormously, which means that the reusability of these batteries holds a great deal of potential. There is also a great challenge starting from disassembling the big EV battery packs to modules, where each of the manufactures uses different chemistries, connectors and battery management systems.  This is the potential that Watt4Ever converts into concrete energy storage applications for companies.

Grid services, what is it?
Such a battery storage primarily serves as a replacement for a diesel generator. In addition, it provides the flexibility needed to integrate more and more intermittent renewable energy sources while maintaining security of supply. This BESS will be used to run Grid Services and Watt4Ever expects that more and more companies will follow the same path.

Catherine Lenaerts, Deputy CEO W4E: ‘This is really a wonderful example of circularity: converting batteries from electric vehicles into energy storage systems.’

Niels Vandeput, COO W4E and project leader: ‘Integrating circular batteries brings additional challenges, which our team now masters.’


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