Minister Zuhal Demir visits Watt4Ever

Published on the 14th October 2021

The energy repository of the future: a recycled car battery

How do we solve the problems posed by the shift to electric cars? That is what Watt4Ever knows how to do.

Reuse is the new recycling.

Watt4Ever specializes in transforming electric car batteries into high-quality circular energy storage systems. By reusing batteries, Watt4Ever is working with the automotive industry to solve two major future problems. Think about it:
By 2030, half of the cars sold will be electric. This of course brings with it more batteries, which sooner or later will have to be replaced. In Belgium today about half of the discarded batteries for electric cars get a second life. With one Watt4Ever battery of 1800 kWh, 18 tons of waste can be avoided! We can be proud of that.
On the other hand there is a growing demand for energy storage systems, to make more efficient use of solar panels and thus reduce your electricity bill. The Watt4Ever storage systems offer an answer to both problems. Moreover, the CO2 impact of a Watt4Ever battery is 80% smaller than if you were to use a new battery. In this way, the company helps to reduce the ecological footprint of electric vehicles, because after a life of about ten years in a car, the battery modules can serve another ten years in an energy storage system from Watt4Ever.
On Thursday, October 14, Flemish Minister of Energy, Environment and Justice Zuhal Demir visited Watt4Ever, together with a bus full of young people, from the 6th year electromechanics of Technical Sacred Heart Institute Tessenderlo. This way the students could experience for themselves how our company puts sustainable business into practice, both in their products and in their methods. Also our contacts from the automotive industry were pleasantly surprised to see that we have a wonderful solution available here in Belgium with the circular batteries of Watt4Ever.
Press contact: Catherine Lenaerts, +32495771206