Battery Systems: Watt4Ever partners with KU Leuven, Kulak and Agoria for an innovative training program.

Published on the 2nd January 2024

These days it is of the utmost importance to keep abreast of crucial technological developments. The battery sector is no exception. They play a crucial role in the transition to a sustainable and energy-efficient future.

This is why Watt4Ever decided to join the Battery Systems training program. The program stands out as a unique initiative in Flanders and shows the seamless collaboration between academia and industry to meet the growing demand for expertise in battery technologies.

Developed by the Postgraduate Center KU Leuven in collaboration with Kulak and Agoria, the program specifically emphasises battery systems, rather than delving into battery chemistry. It focuses on two primary applications: electric vehicles and stationary energy storage.

On the one hand, it focuses on the battery cells required to design and produce functional, efficient, and safe battery packs for vehicles or stationary energy storage systems. On the other hand, the course highlights the importance of understanding battery behavior, battery management systems, thermal management and the potential for remanufacturing and reuse of batteries. Because the market for used automotive batteries is growing rapidly, and reconditioning and making batteries future-proof for second-life applications is becoming increasingly important.

Training Battery Systems

Several company visits are scheduled during the training, including a visit to Watt4Ever. We demonstrate to the participants how we give old and used high-voltage batteries a second life and transform them into green and sustainable energy storage and management systems. We look at aspects such as assessing the state of health and the potential to reuse a battery.

By focusing on battery systems, sustainability and real-world applications, the program equips participants with the competencies needed to drive the future of energy storage and mobility.

  • Dates: January 18 to March 28, 2024
  • Organisers: In cooperation with KU Leuven, Kulak Gent/Brugge & Agoria
  • Content: Theoretical & practical aspects + industrial visits at Watt4Ever, EnergyVille, ABEE and Volvo Trucks
  • Target audience: Graduates and professionals who want to deepen their knowledge of different aspects of the battery value chain (minimum technical bachelor’s degree)
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Training Battery Systems