About us

At Watt4Ever, we strive to provide affordable, sustainable and local storage solutions driven by a circular economy.

We offer a local and innovative solution for recycling high voltage batteries that also helps to reduce the ecological footprint of electric vehicles.

We want to encourage sectorial players to step up and join into the circular economy.

Born in the heart of Europe, Watt4Ever’s mission supports the objectives of the EU Green Deal.


Smart recycling is the Future.

Watt4Ever was founded by a consortium of well-established partners looking for a way to address the problem of recycling electric batteries by offering companies a local, sustainable, and profitable solution for their energy needs.

Bringing together our diverse and complementary backgrounds and expertise, Watt4Ever provides a complete and integrated solution that unites the entire energy value chain.

Our Team

Aimilios Orfanos

Founder and CEO

Catherine Lenaerts

Founder and deputy CEO

Niels Vandeput

Chief Operations Officer

Edvarts Emersons

Production & Testing Engineer

Thomas Snel

Production & Testing Engineer

Mohammed Khatabi

Business Analyst

Konstantina Slakoni

Office Manager

Panos Saravanos

Software Engineer

Konstantinos Stamoulis

Software Engineer