The future of the battery is circular.
We help you power it.

Are you ready to join the energy revolution?
Watt4Ever offers a game-changing solution to companies’energy optimisation and storage needs.

Change the way
your company uses energy

We believe that helping your company operate more autonomously means greater profits and a smaller carbon footprint.

Watt4Ever’s innovative process gives a second life to decommissioned, retired, and used high voltage batteries and transforms them into green and robust energy systems.


  • Optimized energy consumption and storage needs
  • Smoothen the peak demands and increase ROI
  • Strategic energy storage ready to use during peak hours
  • Benefit from second life batteries cost reduction
  • Low maintenance costs


  • Driven by circular economy principles
  • Giving end-of-life batteries a second life
  • Reduced carbon footprint of batteries
  • Production is 100% local
  • Tailor made offer for SMEs owning solar panels installations or renewable energy systems (RES)
  • Noise & pollution-free backup storage
  • Responsible recycling after the second life

Safe and Secure

  • Batteries are safe and certified according to the strictest standards
  • Reliable & maintenance-free backup storage
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of your battery’s state of health to ensure uninterrupted service & risk reduction
  • Your battery SoH is monitored
  • Providing powerful/strong energy everywhere (for EV energy stations)


  • Fully integrated & cradle-to-cradle solution (from battery recycling, to product delivery and maintenance)
  • Over 10 years of experience and know-how
  • Bringing together well-known & reliable actors

This perfectly
fits for

Retail buildings and Warehouses

Better manage and monitor your energy plant : track and monitor your consumptions.
stock great

Energy Systems

Boost the potential of your RES plant through integrated solutions that optimize your energy production and benefit from smart storage.


Bring high energy performance whenever and wherever you need it : our solution provides sufficient power performances for charging electric vehicles.


Integrate eco & circular economy principles in your business, and benefit of all advantages from our applications.

Behind the Scenes

Closing the energy loop for a lower impact on the environment

Welcome to the world of circular economy! From car batteries to responsible power plants, we have built a complete and integrated value chain, that closes the energy loop and follows circular economy principles. By recycling batteries sustainably, Watt4Ever offers a solution (dramatically) stretching batteries lifetime.

  1. Collect End-of-Life batteries.

    Second life Li-Ion batteries are sourced from electric & hybrid vehicles in Belgium.
  2. Test & Sort

    Batteries are tested and sorted in our facilities.
  3. Reassemble & Refabricate

    Batteries and modules that are still useable will be integrated and reassembled into new batteries.
  4. Deliver to customers

    New storage solutions are designed and delivered directly to you.
  5. Recycle

    At the end of another life cycle (at least ten years), we will recycle the batteries again to make sure the energy loop is closed.
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They trust us

Tom Vandenberghe

Energy Manager at Delhaize

Due to the current environmental challenges, Delhaize makes sustainable innovation one of its priorities. Sustainability has been a fixture in Delhaize stores for years. But now Delhaize shifts up a gear and comes up with a first: the reuse of electric car batteries as a backup energy source for the store in the event of a power cut. To this end, Delhaize works together with Watt4ever who converts the batteries into sustainable energy storage systems for our stores.